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AP U.S. Government & Politics

First, understand what AP U.S. Government and Politics is not. It is not a course in current events. It is not a  course in Constitutional law. It is not a course in U.S. History. The Advanced Placement (AP) U.S. Government and Politics course is designed to teach U.S. constitutional government based on principles, philosophy, political beliefs and behaviors, political parties and interest groups, national institutions and processes, and law.

Freedom. Liberty. Democracy. 
These are words used everyday in the United States and yet there is rarely sustained conversation about 1) what those terms mean and 2) how those ideals are upheld (or undermined) on a daily basis in this country. This AP US Government class will dedicate itself to exploring these concepts and in learning the ways in which these ideals sustained ideas and actions that led to the creation and perpetuation of the United States of America. Because this is an advanced placement course, we will also focus on preparing for the AP exam in May, but we will not be learning with only the exam in mind. Instead we will debate, discuss, and deliberate on a wide variety of political issues with the hope that in the end we will all become more informed citizens.

A political science course can’t provide either easy or comfortable answers to societal issues. Political positions can upset students and shake previously held views. A political science course can help shape the views that you will take with you into college  and the rest of your life.

One of my main personal objectives in this class is to give you honest, accurate information regarding how our government and society, with all its different factors, came to be what it is today. However, once you have this information, I want you to form a solid opinion based on the facts! Your opinion can be whatever you want, but you must be able to substantiate it!

 An educated opinion is a powerful tool that will earn you respect!

Please remember that you are in control of your success in this class.  

Take responsibility for your work and be accountable 
for your actions.

Course Description from The College Board