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UNIT ONE: Chapters 1 - 4
The Eve of Colonization: America & Europe
Colonial Approaches
English Colonization - Chesapeake
English Colonization - New England
English Colonization - Middle & Southern Colonies
17th Century Colonial Society
Ben Franklin - Spirit of the Enlightenment
The Enlightenment and the Great Awakening
Mercantilism / Navigation Acts / Bacon's Rebellion
Colonial Wars - French & Indian War

UNIT TWO: Chapters 5 - 9
Road to Revolution Mind Map
Underlying Causes of The American Revolution
Causes of the American Revolution
Declaration of Independence
American Political Culture and Ideology
The War
A "Good Start" OR "Growing Pains"?
Creating the American Government
(The New Government - streamlined version)
Hamilton vs. Jefferson - Part I
Hamilton vs. Jefferson - Part II
The Federalist Period: Washington & Adams
Development of the 1st Party System - Mind Map
The Jefferson Presidency
War of 1812
Era of Good (and some bad) Feelings
The Marshall Court

UNIT THREE: Chapters 9 - 13
The Age of Jackson - Part 1
The Age of Jackson - Part 2
The Market Revolution
Economic Evolution & the Market Revolution (Mind Map)
American Political Culture
The Four Turnings / Cycles of American History
The "Old South" - Slaves and Masters
Southern Society - Class Structure (Chart)
Age of Reform (all in one Powerpoint)
Manifest Destiny
The Texas Revolution     
The Mexican War
Mid-19th Century Immigration

UNIT FOUR: Chapters 14 - 16
The Causes of the Civil War
The Failure of Compromise (Mind Map)
The Evolution of Secession (Mind Map)
The Civil War

UNIT FIVE: Chapters 17 - 21
U.S. Policy vs. Native Americans
The Western Frontiers: Mining, Cattle and Farming

The Four Turnings / Cycles of American History

Comprehensive PowerPoints
The Gilded Age
The Politics of the Gilded Age

Topic Summaries
Gilded Age = Economic Revolution
Industrial Growth - Unionization
The Organization of Labor
Urban Life - Social Issues
Gilded Age Politics
The Farmers' Plight - Populism
Populism - Political Cartoons
Election of 1896
Imperialism - Rhetoric vs. Reality

UNIT SIX: Chapters 22 - 25
Social Progressivism
Political Progressivism

Early 20th Century US Foreign Policy
"Over There" - US Entrance into World War I
WW I - America on the Home Front
14 Points - Versailles - League of Nations - Disillusionment

Social Changes of the Roaring '20s
Politics of the 1920s

UNIT SEVEN: Chapters 26 - 27
Causes of the Great Depression (more economic details)  
The Great Depression
FDR & the New Deal
Legacy of the New Deal

US Foreign Policy, 1920s - 1930s
US Entrance into WW II
WW II - The Home Front
World War II Propaganda
Sampling of WW II Political Cartoons by Dr. Seuss
Internment of Japanese Americans
WW II - The Military and Diplomatic Fronts
PRO & CON on Dropping the Bomb
Arguments FOR Dropping the Bomb
Asking the Scientists: To Drop OR Not To Drop?

UNIT EIGHT: Chapters 28 - 32
Origins of the Cold War
Cold War: Part II (Conflicts) / Part III (At Home)
Eisenhower and the Cold War
Post-World War II America
The '50s: Conformity & Alienation
Civil Rights: 1619-1968
The Black Panther Coloring Book
JFK and the Cold War
JFK: "New Frontier" TO LBJ: "Great Society"
VIETNAM - Part I: 1954 - 1968
VIETNAM - Part II: 1968 - 1975
The 1960s: Counter-Culture and Political Protest
Nixon & Watergate
Ford and Carter
The Reagan Revolution