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AP World History

AP World History is a two-semester program that follows a course of study similar to that of a college introductory course in World History. Throughout the year, we will be looking for patterns in historical events, many of which revolve around the contacts – and collisions – among different human societies. Although it seems as if you’ll be expected to know “everything that ever happened” (!?!), our greatest emphasis will be on the last one thousand years of human history.


To understand history, it is important to study not only the events that occur in time, but the methodology of those events. In AP World History, we will examine not only what happened, but also why it happened. We will look at historical continuity, along with change. Our studies will include the examination of world cultures, human institutions, the effects of new technologies, and world geography. To this end, the course devotes considerable time to the critical evaluation of primary and secondary sources, analysis of significant historical events, essay-writing, and the development of responding to document-based questions (DBQ).


Our classes will operate around two basic activities; discussion (much more than lecture) and student-centered activities (some group-oriented, some individual).

Please remember that you are in control of your success in this class.  

Take responsibility for your work and be accountable for your actions.  

Course Description from The College Board